Rob, Lisa and I are stopped at a petrol station in Comber, somewhere near Belfast. Lisa has just accidently spent a small fortune on American sweets. Candy, I believe its called. I sample one of the chocolate delights. It is some sort of brittle peanut butter concoction with a stupid name and though foreign on my tongue isnt entirely without its charm. I ponder the incongruity of a tiny petrol station in Comber selling confectionary from the US of A. Its a bit like coming across Doherty’s mince in a dime store in Akron, Alabama. Its a sweltering day and I glance nervously at my hastily scribbled directions. We have driven from Derry on a great adventure to locate the scene of our latest photo shoot; The Tudor Cinema. The other lads (Ciaran, Conor and Aaron) are supposedly on the road somewhere behind us. The Tudor Cinema is a family run privately owned Art Deco picture house built by two brothers. The building itself is a homage to a golden age of movie making, a science fiction time capsule to a bygone era.

It turns out the brothers Spence have been writing, directing and producing their own low budget b-movies and horror/sci-fi flicks for 40 odd years. All from a back yard in rural Comber. Jaysus. And I thought the American sweets/petrol station thing was incongrous. Lisa (of Wrapped In Plastic Photography) discovered this place online and I phoned Noel up to arrange a session. I’d finally pinned down the rest of the lads too for a full band shoot! The cinema is built out the back of their house and Lisa begins arranging us all according to the vision she has in mind. I’ve brought my usual potpourri of coats, hats and shirts and the lads and I just hang about marvelling at the decor of the place while Lisa lines up shots. We finally get to use the astronauts helmet too, swapping it between us for shots till the smell of it becomes too much to bear. The whole shoot is fairly quick as I have to be back in Derry to start work at 1800 hours. As per usual, Lisa plays a blinder and the results are beautiful. The opulent reds and golds a nice contrast to the cold browns and whites of the Glasswork shoot. Session over, we blaze back up the road in good time and I roll into work 2 minutes late to take calls from idiots who can’t understand their bills.Wrapped in Plastic Photography