Ahoy hoy. My name’s Christopher McConaghy. I’m the lead singer/songwriter of a little beat combo from the north of Ireland called ’Our Krypton Son’. We put out a couple singles last year through Smalltown America Records. These singles ran rampant through the airwaves and (almost) shook an ailing record industry to it’s core. We also released an album in November past. I’ve decided (after much deliberation) to start a blog. Within it, you will find bits of writing, photo’s, demo’s, dirty secrets and all sorts of nonsense. It’ll be updated casually at irregular intervals and without fanfare.Why have I set this up? Well, I’m not sure. Its not as if I have enough to be getting on with or a real life to furrow through or responsibilities or a role to play in society. I mean, as if Facebook and Twitter and myriad other bloody social networking sites aren’t enough, I’ve had to start a damn blog. Tsk. It seemed like a good idea at the time.