‘I don’t even like Superman.’ I might have thought as I took the money in my greedy paw. I am 14 years old and have just sold a Superman comic to a young chap two years my junior. For some exorbitant fee no doubt. Enough for 10 chomps and a carton of Um Bongo anyway. Problem is I can’t remember. He can though. Fast forward 16 years and the two of us are sitting nursing a pair of stouts in Sandino’s bar, Derry. His name is Andrew Glenn. He is providing the artwork for our album due to be released at some point in 2012. He has recalled this scenario to me and I can’t for the life of me remember any of it. Creaking synapses shudder into life then collapse again. I stare at my guinness non-plussed. Nope. Nothing. I do know I didn’t like Superman then. I thought he was a loser. Probably not the aforementioned comic.

Batman was far more craic – I never would have sold a Batman comic. Anyway, its an interesting thought. I’d heard of an exhibition of this man’s work at the Playhouse sometime in 2011 and turned up for a nosy. It was wonderful stuff. I stood marvelling at it when he walked in. We hadn’t seen each other in 15 odd years and though we’d not known each other terribly well, we recognised each other instantly. We stood jabbering about Tom Waits or something and I asked him if he’d fancy doing some artwork for an album for a band or whatever. And that was it really. He said he would, I promised to fire him a copy of the album and we kept in touch. To my great delight he enjoyed the tunes and had a painting in mind that he felt was apt and we could use. And what a painting. Entitled Jasper’, the man I sold a Superman comic to when we were kids (cos I didn’t like Superman) has offered it as the cover of a self-titled album of songs by a songwriter prancing about under the name ‘Our Krypton Son’. And now in Sandino’s, all I can do is sip my pint ruefully and hope to Christ that the comic changed hands for a pittance. The peculiar irony of the situation is lost on neither of us. I go to the bar and order two more pints.